The Volunteers

It is understandable that our cast receives the lion’s share of attention, but it is the crew and our behind-the-scenes volunteers who truly make it happen at showtime.

The many hours of rehearsal would be for nothing if the audience couldn’t hear the lyrics of a terrific song. Street clothes often don’t convey the right look, and a bare stage is just that – bare.

While our cast is deep in rehearsal, our crew is deep in paint, lumber and material as they attempt to transform sketches on paper into staging and props. There are costumes – most need to be made from scratch or scrounged from Heaven only knows where. A lighting plan to make every on-stage nuance visible, and reliable audio gear must be tested and re-tested.

The moment of truth for all of the behind-the-scenes effort is show night. It is the moment when the curtain opens that our behind-the-scenes people all hold their breath. Special effects, carefully crafted in the weeks before are designed to be used just once and all of the rehearsals in the world can’t remove the tension as everyone waits for the moment of truth. Electronic effects require careful timing. Musical effects are carefully planned.

In short, while the cast cavorts on the stage, our crew remains focused on the job at hand – and they don’t disappoint.