The Venue

The Prairie Theatre Exchange was born out of the community in 1972, through the combination of a defined need and a group of volunteers determined to create the answer to that need.

From its humble beginnings in a run-down building on Princess Street, PTE has grown to epitomize, for thousands of Winnipeggers, the good things in life here on the Prairies: camaraderie, self-sufficiency, strength of will, creativity and warmth of heart.

In the vibrant performing arts tapestry in Winnipeg, PTE fills a unique and important niche: producing works, often new, with a focus on Manitoban and Canadian artists, which speak to the "non-arts" audience as strongly as to those who have always made theatre, dance, and symphony a part of their lives.”

Prairie Theatre Exchange
Unit Y300 – 393 Portage Avenue
3rd Floor, Portage Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3H6
General Office (204) 942-7291