The Cast & Crew

The BS Comedy Players all-volunteer cast comes from many professions and walks of life. That all of them are not professional actors and entertainers is sometimes hard to believe.

Sure, we have players who perform outside of The BS Comedy Players. Some have caught the acting bug purely as a result of their Beer & Skits experience and are performing on stage, as extras in film productions, and others have crafted a second career on the stage.

We have also been fortunate to find cast members who come to us with years of performance already under their belts. Then there are the virgins – first-time cast members who have only an inkling of what to expect. Once “de-flowered”, many catch the bug and become chronic devotées.

There is a boatload of talent here, but the biggest single factor that contributes to the success of the show and will support The BS Comedy Players for years to come is heart. The players have a ton of heart and perform for the sheer joy of it.

In the final analysis, isn’t that what the audience is looking for?