About The Players

sidebarThe BS Comedy Players were incorporated in 2008 to preserve a 75-year Winnipeg tradition of political satire, musical, sketch comedy, started by the Winnipeg Press Club (WPC) and known by many appreciative local audiences as Beer & Skits.

While similar shows sprouted up on university campuses and among professional organizations around the country, the WPC’s Beer & Skits remained true to its original mandate of lampooning local, national and international politicians and celebrities and inviting them to the show to face the music.

Over the years, a committed group of amateur actors, singers and stage crew, professional musicians and a team of dedicated volunteers staged Beer & Skits on behalf of the WPC. When the WPC was no longer capable of mounting the show, this talented cast and crew, by now a close-knit family group, decided to continue the tradition and lead it into the future.

...and so the BS Comedy Players Inc. was born!


  • To be true to our comedy heritage;
  • To offer satirical humour on a live stage in a professional theatre;
  • To sprinkle the performance with live music (popular songs with the lyrics rewritten);
  • To provide an entertaining evening complete with a party-like intermission;
  • To send up local politicians and public figures – bringing their foibles and fauxes-pas to light;
  • To offer up our public figures on the altar of comedy (while they squirm in the audience); and,
  • To provide an event unlike any other.