The Shows

There is no such thing as a typical show. Over the years, formulas have been tried, recipes have been tweaked, bits that were becoming stale were dropped, and new ideas explored. The timetable for the show has also been adjusted so that The BS Comedy Players all-volunteer group can devote as much quality writing and rehearsal time as possible without cutting into valuable off-work and family time. Unlike a paid cast of professionals, our players squeeze time for the show into their already busy lives.

aboutusWe ensure that a particular subject receives adequate attention. A minor political gaff may only need a single line to spotlight the public figures. While long-running issues may wind up as a full-blown sketch with more songs, elaborate staging and a “storyline.” It’s no secret that many of our cast are fans of Monty Python. To us, they invented satirical sketch comedy. So we follow the recipe of offering the audience short, long, musical, and naughty bits.

The intermission allows our guests to eat, drink, socialize and be merry. This is the time that our VIPs will work the room, and put on their best nonchalant looks as if to say, “I don’t mind that I’ve been thoroughly trashed just as long as you see I’m a good sport and you’ll vote for me the next time you see my name on a ballot.”

We like to have a professional emcee to keep the pace of the show, an opening number that gets everyone in the mood, and to make people squirm a little and laugh a lot. We especially love to hear our audience shout “ENCORE!” when a musical number is particularly worthy of a second go round.